Web Design and Development

Once you've chosen and registered your domain name, the next step is the design and development of your new website.

In modern business, an online presence is essential if you want to reach your target market, promote your products or services and maximize sales. But the process of web design and development can also be a daunting and expensive one if it isn't done right.

Cortech understands the dilemma: you need a professional and compelling web design that won't blow your budget. You also need a design process that will take your needs, and your ideas for marketing your business, into account.

At Cortech, we provide innovative and affordable design solutions tailored to your image and your budget. Since we do not use templates, your website is custom-made to reflect the uniqueness of your business and its products. We can also design sites on any scale: from simple online brochures to extensive, multi-page e-commerce sites. Our design packages include:

• HTML/PHP website design
• Photo galleries
• Forums/Bulletin Boards
• Newsletter lists
• Custom designed applications

and much more. We can also use our extensive design skills to revamp and refresh existing websites, enhancing your web profile with a bold new look, or improving the layout and functionality of your site.

Whatever your design and development needs, Cortech has the solution.

1. The consultation

During the initial consultation we will discuss your requirements in detail. We'll get to know you, your business, the products and services you provide, and your target market. If yours is a fiercely competitive industry, we'll also spend time researching your competitors to ensure your design concept gives you a competitive edge.

The initial consultation will also deal with essential design and development specifications: everything from the size and functionality of your site, to the integration of existing branding and logos, colours and images. If you're launching a new business, we can arrange for logos to be designed, and other graphic work to be done.

You'll also need text for your site, to introduce your business and promote your products and services. If you're great at your business, but don't enjoy writing promotional material, don't worry: we can arrange for experienced writers to take your notes or rough drafts and turn them into a polished, professional and compelling introduction to your business.

Images are a critical part of your site's visual appeal. If you have photos or diagrams you'd like to use, we can assess their suitability for the web before we integrate them into the design. And if you need photos taken or supplied, we can organize that for you too.

2. The proposal

Once we understand your business, its products, services and facilities, we will come up with a design strategy and a competitive quote that fits your specifications and your budget. Further changes and refinements can be made at this point, before our experienced and talented designers finalize the concept for your approval.

3. The development

Once you're completely happy with the design proposal, we move on to the development phase. Here, the development team take the design and turn it into a functional, user-friendly website. Any content management or dynamic features specified in the original proposal are also integrated at this point.

4. Going live

Once the final design has been tested and approved by you, it is uploaded onto the web. Your new business website is now ready to start working for you: attracting customers and generating sales.

As part of the development process, we incorporate Search Engine Optimization strategies to help boost your site's visibility, and get you up the rankings on search engine result pages. But it's also important for you to publicize the site in any way you can, through all your marketing, advertising and promotional materials.

5. Ongoing management and support

At Cortech, we pride ourself on our outstanding follow-up service and support.

As well as assisting you through every step of the design and development process, we will also be there whenever you need us, providing ongoing technical support and advice. Our email response system is available 7 days a week, and we will respond..

Our website management systems also allow you self-editing access to your site 24/7. If you need to update content at any time, you can, using an interface that is as simple and as intuitive as an ordinary word processor. If you're pushed for time, we can make any changes or updates to your website for you, whenever they become necessary.

Cortech Solutions: Problem solved

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